I Should Quit Trying

So every time I say oh I'll probably get on here.... yep it doesn't happen. Yes I started school, I was on a computer often. But I was on my dad's computer. I had to live with him for awhile. Long story short.... my house flooded and I had to live with my dad while it was fixed and he has no wifi. So booo! But now I am back at my house and for other reasons I am now focused on work and school. Well I still work at Michael's and I love it! we opened in mid-July and I am now the Fine Arts Instructor. I have classes every week. I also hope to be doing kid craft classes soon and been helping out with kid birthday parties. I spent all night on here catching up on reading my blogs. With all the wondrous things where I work I am constantly thinking of things to do and make. If I ever remember to post on here and take pictures I will share. I'll try, no more promises.
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Rob said...

Do or do not do, there is no try. - Yoda :-)
Just stay with it and make your goals and dreams a reality!