Cloth Paper Scissors

Lately I have been a bit occupied by daily life and I have been working on a new collage. I hope to be doing a series like it for the rest of the summer. I have greatly enjoyed it and it will be done very soon.

I had plans for this series for a awhile. All my photos and planning for the first piece was all ready to go, all I needed was to start it. I was in one of my favorite stores Hobby Lobby. I decided to take a look at some craft magazines and I was surprised to find something different. There was a magazine called Cloth Paper Scissors. It is strictly made to help collage and mixed media artists. I LOVE IT!!! I already used one technique with the work I am making currently. I think this technique has made the piece stronger. I have discovered new artists to learn from and new books I must get. I am defiently looking into getting a subscription for this magazine for sure.  If you are a mixed media artist check it out for sure at


Jenn said...

So glad you like the magazine! Make sure you stop by our community at and upload pictures of your work! Can't wait to see what you're working on.
All the best,
Jenn Mason
Editor of Cloth Paper Scissors