It's Funny How Things Work Out

Earlier this semester I rushed for a sorority at EKU. My sister was a Pi Beta Phi. I tried to keep an open mind and not chose Pi Phi just because my sister was in it, but to chose girls that I fit in with. Well I did become a Pi Phi and it has been a great experience. I know I have many more years ahead of me.

In my Concepts of Art and Design class we have been discussing craft as art. I took notes and didn't think too much about a few random notes I put in there until I was studying for my exam this week. I had written down two art and craft camps in the states near-by, one being Arrowmont. Well I go to the site and saw it was in Gatlinburg, TN and I thought it was really familar. After my brain fart, me and my roommate realized that Arrowmont is Pi Beta Phis first philantrophy. Pi Phi found this arts and crafts school. It made me realize that no matter why my sister and me chose Pi Beta Phi, that it is the right place for me. Things just fit into my life perfectly on what I love.I now hoping to take classes at Arrowmont this summer and every summer until I graduate college. I can learn so much about my field and about Pi Phi. It will be a great experience overall that will help me grow as an artist.

This Christmas my loved ones will be recieving some artwork for Christmas, because I am a broke ass. But I love giving people things that I have made for them. I believe its more from the heart. I made my Big Sister in Pi Phi a painted and decopage box and to my lovely sisters of my Pi Phi chapter a oil painting that I knew that they would love. As much as I enjoy being at school, I am looking forward to tomorrow night after my English presentation to go home and enjoy the holidays.
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Ms_Blingammm said...

We are excited to have you home for the holidays :) Your flower colored pencil drawing is now above my bed after the redecoration.