Finals and Art Gallery Show

School, work, and all other things really take up alot of time. I feel like I never get to post on here. Though I've been busy, I have been able to devote some of my time to my artwork. Mainly because most of it will be Christmas presents for my loved ones. I'm really hoping all of those works go well. With less than 2 weeks until finals this semester I'm feeling the academic burn. Today I have been studying and doing work for at least 5 hours after my classes. I'm lucky I have been able to get any time to work on art.

Monday I applyed to my first art gallery show. The show will be in the Giles Gallery at EKU. I really hope that I make it in. I entered a collage and a found objects sculpture. With my sculpture I have been improving it lately creating a base for it to improve the balance. I have the images of the work below. Wish me luck!

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