I'm actually getting a few things done.

About a two weeks ago I finished this painting of an elephant for my mother. I just now have been able to publish it because I have been busy with a lot of other things. I have been in an art mood lately and I have no time for it. It really does suck. Once I learn to balance everything then I'll find the time to create more work.

I am so happy how the elephant painting turned out. It is acyrlic paint on canvas. This photo was taken in poor lighting and doesn't give it justice. I can't wait to take a photography class so I learn how to photgraph my own work better.

Currently I am working on two Nightmare Before Christmas mixed media on canvas pieces. I planned out four pictures last year and completed two of them and I hope to finish the other two in a week or so. This next week will be very busy I don't know how much will get done. I was hoping to get them finished before Halloween. Not going to happen. I know I can get them finished before Christmas for sure. Here are the two work I finished last year.

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